Filling the Gap Ministries is designed to help people to begin, develop, and maintain a personal relationship with God on a level that they’ve never known possible. After one accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior, they often are unsure what to do next. It is important to learn to see God as a “real being” and communicate with Him as you would your best friend.

By using the Bible as a “map” to God’s heart, we can observe and study every aspect to find out how to know God and create a friendship with Him like never before. David and Abraham are two examples of men who both had phenomenal relationships with God. God’s word says that David was ‘a man after God’s own heart’. David was driven to make his heart like God’s…to mirror it. Abraham was a man that was abundantly blessed by God. The relationship between God and Abraham was so precious that God called Abraham His friend. Filling the Gap Ministries is purposely devoted to sharing how we too can have this phenomenal relationship with the same God of King David and the Father of Nations-Abraham.