What can FTGM do for you?

Everyone is aware of an emptiness in his or her life, but not everyone automatically knows that a personal relationship with God will make them complete. In an attempt to fill this “gap”, people began to try and fill the emptiness with relationships, career changes, children, money, drugs, and fame. Some people even change from church in effort to fill the void. Filling the void, however, is quite simple. It requires us to make a daily effort to begin and maintain a personal closeness with God; to get to know him. Many people think that just because we don’t understand everything God does, God is too complex to talk to or to follow. A God too big and too complicated to understand couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our God is actually quite easy to understand and communicate with. We can be sure of this because we were created in his image. This also tells us that God has emotions (feelings). God has thoughts, plans, and a personality. He laughs, he cries, he gets angry. How do we know this? We are assured this through scripture and from personal experiences. Perhaps, after accepting Christ through salvation, you desire to experience God in this personal way, but do not know how. Filling the Gap Ministries is designed to help those who desire to have a meaningful relationship with God… by turning this desire into reality